Owner Paul Antonelli, chef Michael and baker Mia have created a fabulous cuisine that takes Italian to the next level. La Casa Colonica has formed the perfect dynamic between fine dining, fresh high-quality ingredients and a friendly family environment. The restaurant is absolutely perfect for a day out with the girls, a romantic evening or an intimate family gathering.

Anne Martinez, Baltimore Today

At La Casa Colonica, we know that our family is getting food that not only tastes fabulous, but is healthy and supports local farmers. The seasonal changes in the menu that follow the changes in available produce always pleases. In an era where we’re getting farther away from our food’s sources, it’s great to get away for an evening for a fabulous meal, excellent service and great entertainment.

Cheri Anderson, Local Foods First Cooperative

As a farmer, it’s great knowing that the food I’m growing is able to be used locally instead of being shipped across the country. Being able to partner with restaurants like La Casa Colonica means that farmers can demand fair prices that keep their family on the farm, generation after generation. Their willingness to work with seasonal changes in produce makes a great partnership.

Lisa Sandoval, Sunrise Dew Farm